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SCA Bootcamp

A six-part crash course featuring valuable tips, frameworks and techniques, practiced at SCA for over a decade.

  • For those working in creative roles across all disciplines and levels

  • Learn dozens of creative techniques

  • Grow your confidence and learn how to pitch your ideas more effectively

Course Length: Six-afternoon sessions

Study Method: In Person, Pop Brixton

Next Start Date: September 2023

Online Creativity Course

Creativity Unleashed will leave you armed with essential frameworks and techniques to make you stand-out and out-think every day.

  • Vision: Discover how to spot opportunities and obstacles

  • Ideation: Master the secret to limitless ideas on tap

  • Evaluation: Uncover which of your ideas are front runners

Course Length: Study in your own time

Study Method: On demand

How to give helpful creative feedback


A three-part workshop for those in leadership roles who are eager to inspire and learn practical feedback frameworks that demand the very best creative work from their teams. 

  • For those in leadership roles or those on track to a leadership role in the future

  • Learn frameworks to ensure that feedback is clear and motivating

  • Active listening techniques to hear more of the idea than the team are showing on paper

Course Length: Three-afternoon sessions

Study Method: In Person, Pop Brixton

Next Start Date: September 2023

How to give award-winning creative briefs


SCA Dean, Marc Lewis and ‘strategist to the strategists‘, Uri Baruchin lead this three-part workshop to teach the art of how to write a great creative brief that demands the very best work.

  • For anyone who writes, delivers, works on or signs off on creative briefs

  • Learn practical frameworks and templates to use in your every day work

  • Unleash your strategic side; discover how to spot key insights that spark great ideas

Course Length: Three-afternoon session

Study Method: In Person ,Pop Brixton

Next Start Date: September 2023

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