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Learn from the minds behind the industry’s greatest creatives

Immediate start with on demand classes

Non-Sponsor Cost: £300pp
SCA Sponsor Cost: £150pp

What is it?

Creativity Unleashed will leave you armed with essential frameworks and techniques to make you stand-out and out-think every day.

  • Vision: Discover how to spot opportunities and obstacles

  • Ideation: Master the secret to limitless ideas on tap

  • Evaluation: Uncover which of your ideas are front runners

Creativity Unleashed includes:

  • Six on-demand video lessons

  • Two live classes

  • One-to-one mentoring from SCA Dean, Marc Lewis

  • Special guest lecturers

  • Coursework for active learning along the way

  • Certificate upon course completion

  • Networking opportunities with other professionals and students

  • Work in your own time and at your own pace

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What you’ll learn?

  • Dozens of actionable tried and tested creative techniques.

  • How to unlock creative ideas by the power of daily gratitude.

  • Evaluation techniques to identify ideas worth pursuing.

  • How to overcome those creative blocks.

  • How to seek out creative possibilities in everyday life.

  • Creative solutions for commercial opportunity

Who‘s it for?

  • Designers and creatives who want to deliver the very best creative solutions.

  • Professional marketers who want to gain a competitive edge.

  • Company decision makers who want to seek commercial opportunity.

  • Entrepreneurs who want their brand to be seen and heard.

  • Full-time students who want to enhance their creative study and earn top marks.

  • Serial short-course seekers who want to learn more, think more and create better.

  • Creative souls who want to build on their strategic thinking, generate more ideas and create award-winning work.

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“I love the Creativity Unleashed course - it truly teaches you things you can't find anywhere else and has changed my perception of creativity. I can only imagine what a game-change the other courses must be. Companies, entrepreneurs, and Startups: book these courses. They're worth it.”

Freelance Copywriter 
(Creativity Unleashed


How it works

Each episode features lots of different tried and tested creative techniques with set assessments to test your knowledge along the way. Episodes will be unlocked once those assessments are completed. The course has been designed this way to ensure you receive the best learnings and outcomes while we’re on this journey.

Episode 1: The Creativity Formula

Say hello to Marc Lewis. You’ll meet him for the first time as he gives an overview of the course and introduces you to The Creativity Formula. Learn The elements that make-up the Creative Process, how to gain insights from the world around you and the power of gratitude.

Episode 2: Superhuman Creativity

We all have the ability to produce an extraordinarily large number of ideas. This episode will show you how. We’ll take a look at Dot Collecting in more depth, explore creative rules and how we can break those rules, helping you to unleash your superhuman creative powers.

Episode 3: Mess Finding

Learn how to find problems, look at what they solve and seek out the opportunities they create. An introduction to Situation Exploring and Mess Finding

Episode 4: The Four R‘s of Divergent Thinking

We take a look at the power of re-expression, we introduce you to The Four Rs and Divergent thinking. Get yourself ready with a pen and paper for this session as we practice techniques throughout the episode.

Episode 5: More Creative Techniques

This is a big one. Here, you’ll meet friends and faculty of SCA including Rob Binfield AKA ‘Dusty’, Patrick Collister, Marcela Tarable, Rob MacGillivray, Deanna Rodger, Elliot Harris, Uri Baruchin as they take to the screen for even MORE creative techniques.

Episode 6: Evaluation Techniques

An introduction to Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, the art of Sticky Thinking and how to rate your ideas. Bring a pencil and paper as we share two very powerful evaluation techniques and share examples from SCA alumni that define what we mean by ‘sticky’.

Methods Taught


  • Creative brief frameworks

  • Gratitude and wellbeing

  • Creative techniques and strategies

  • How to pitch and sell your ideas

  • How to seek opportunity in everyday life

  • How to overcome creative blocks


If you‘d like to find out more, simply complete the form with a short message and a member of our team will be in touch with more information.

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By investing in your own learning and development or those of your teams, you‘re also helping to change lives. Profits from all courses will contribute towards our diversity scholarship programme for candidates from low-income and underrepresented backgrounds in our industry.

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