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What is it?

In SCA's 12 years, we‘ve seen hundreds and hundreds of creative briefs come through our doors and we're sad to say, we've seen a huge decline in the quality and standard over time.

The result? A lack of inspiration, a lack of creativity and poor creative work.


On a mission to fix this new wave of bad briefs, SCA Dean, Marc Lewis and ‘strategist to the strategists‘, Uri Baruchin have put their heads together and curated this three-part workshop to teach the art of how to write a great creative brief that demands the very best work.

The course is delivered across three half-days at our studio in Shoreditch. It is important that candidates attend all three sessions in-person. Sessions are not recorded. 

Session 1: 2–5pm

Session 2: 2–5pm

Session 3: 2–5pm

In-house delivery is available for group bookings of 10+ participants. Please get in touch to find out more.


What you‘ll learn


  • How to seek out insights that spark great ideas

  • Practical frameworks and templates 

  • Creative strategy and how to use it

  • How to write a single minded proposition

  • What to put in the brief

  • What to leave out of the brief

  • How to pitch your brief effectively to get the very best creative work

Anyone attending this course will come away inspired and hungry to write and deliver creative briefs that demand award-winning creative work.

Who‘s it for?


  • For all levels

  • For anyone who writes, delivers, works on or signs off on creative briefs

Our Lecturers


"The art of writing a brief involves both left and right side of the brain. As a course this helped explore the creative and functional aspects of a well rounded, inspiring and on target brief. I'd highly recommend as a must for any strategist (or marketing professional!)"

Head of Digital, Pitch Marketing Group
(Creative Brief Writing C


Session 1 – Led by Uri Baruchin

  • The Holy Triangles' and the relationship between;

    • Company, customer and context

    • Integrity, relevance and difference

    • Three simple frameworks to write a creative brief

Session 2 – Led by Marc Lewis

  • How to spot insights and find that 'Eureka!' moment

  • How to find commercial opportunities

  • An introduction to 'mess finding' and 'problem defining' - key techniques taught here at SCA

Session 3 - Led by Marc Lewis & Uri Baruchin

  • An introduction to the SUCCES framework and how to use it

  • How to plant seeds that will inspire creative teams

  • How to critique your own brief and those of others

Methods Taught


  • Creative strategy 

  • Practical frameworks and templates

  • How to write a single minded proposition

  • How to create a clear, concise brief for the best outcomes

  • How to pitch your brief effectively 

  • How to seek out insights that spark great ideas

  • What to put in the brief

  • What to leave out of the briefff


If youd like to find out more, simply complete the form with a short message and a member of our team will be in touch with more information.

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By investing in your own learning and development or those of your teams, you‘re also helping to change lives. Profits from all courses will contribute towards our diversity scholarship programme for candidates from low-income and underrepresented backgrounds in our industry.

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